Andrew Grove

I want to be like Andrew Grove.

“Your career is your business, and you are its CEO”



It’s almost been a month and I still haven’t sent my manager a Thank You note. Man, I’m such a bad intern. I really like them both. My supervisor and Manager, but I just didn’t really know how to send it, and what to write, and is what if they don’t like the card ūüėź

I think I should stop thinking, and start doing something. Spring semester is almost ending. only one more Philosophy class, then were done! I’m so going to miss my¬†professor.. I love him, he’s such a great man. I wish him the best in life.

Human Resource class is also¬†interesting. I’m learning a lot. I can’t wait to get my degree and start working.I don’t know what’s about me that when ever it’s time to pick partners, no body wants to work with me. I mean yea I know I’m¬†different but come on, it aint like I’m gonna kill someone. Stupid people. No that’s mean to say. whatever. I hope everything ends.

Peace –

why do we even say peace, when there is no peace in any where in the world!

Osama’s DEAD!!!

Thank GOD!!!!!!!!

Thanks to our troops! thanks to America and a special thanks to Mr. President Obama! I love u !! and loved u even more when you said u r not in war with Islam ! I love mr.Obama and America!

Hectic Week…

So Monday I went to the court for my ticket, and God bless the judge he said I’m FREE!!!!approvedsmile.gif : 173 par 52 pixels.

I was so nervous!! I though I’m gonna die.whew.gif : 38 par 29 pixels.

the judge came in and the police officer said everyone be quiet¬†the judge has arrived, and please stop reading anything your reading, then she looked at me… hasmiley.gif : 22 par 36 pixels. well I guess I was the only one reading my textbook like a moronnerdylaff.gif : 23 par 29 pixels. bokmal.gif : 73 par 30 pixels.but hey I had a mid-term! and I think I failed it.heartbreaking.gif : 41 par 20 pixels.The thing is that my Philosophy¬†professor¬†is so cool, nice, funny, and just about everything!! he’s awesome! Love u Dr.W!!rose.gif : 36 par 37 pixels. but i really suck at his class. I mean we took the mid-term on Tuesday and i can confidently say I have failed itlosersmiley.gif : 43 par 28 pixels.He even said you can use my note on the test!!! and I did but I think I used a bit too much¬†copyright2.gif : 50 par 18 pixels..hemademe.gif : 46 par 38 pixels.GOD I’m so stupid!!einstein1.gif : 46 par 61 pixels.Then today (wed) I was paying for my classes and man it’s so hard to pay for your own classes!!¬†money1.gif : 28 par 32 pixels. I have sold anything I had, my jewelry’s and¬†almost all the pay checks that I got from work I have paid them for my classes.¬†¬†Now I have to pay for the Summer classes and the Fall classes!

My internship is ending too, so I have to find a job. I have applied to everyplace I can think, but I think no one really like me¬†nopoints.gif : 75 par 41 pixels.oh well F*** the world…electricf.gif : 63 par 28 pixels.

And now today I have my Business class, and I love it! the Professor is so funny and nice, just like the Philosophy professor. goldstar.gif : 33 par 49 thing I found common in both was that both of their wives names are: Peggy !!teehee2.gif : 33 par 31 pixels.

So here’s my schedule for tomorrow:

Thursdays the worst and the BEST days of the week

Here’s how it goes:

twister2.gif : 80 par 53 pixels.

Leave at 8:15

mcsmiley4.gif : 69 par 39 pixels.(I wish I had a motorcycle)

Work Starts at 9:00 AM

Ends at 2:30PM

officesmiley.gif : 60 par 56 pixels.

Philosophy Starts at 3:00

Ends at 5:00

reading.gif : 48 par 26 pixels.

Intro to Business Starts at 6:00

Ends at 10:00

Home by 10:30-45

Eat! (haven’t had anything since morning)

eating.gif : 35 par 25 pixels.drooler.gif : 19 par 32 pixels.


putertired.gif : 43 par 24 pixels.


offtobed.gif : 50 par 32 pixels.

It’s really hard to keep up…but I have to say through the whole week I’m always looking forward to¬†Thursdays!

Just got a week left of this job then I gotta find another one, God help me!!lotussmiley.gif : 65 par 50 pixels.goodluck.gif : 52 par 43 pixels.

First time in the “Big City”?

As I said before I was born here in NY, US but when I was only a year old we moved to Iran. So then when I turned 10 years old we came to America again.yay.gif : 36 par 36 pixels. The trip to America was fun,¬†interesting, and¬†experimental to mepanicsmiley2.gif : 45 par 28 pixels.. ¬†So the crazy thing was that we actually had our tickets for¬†September¬†11, 2001 at night.¬† As we were getting ready to say our goodbyes and my cousins were all crying and telling me goodbyedontgosmiley.gif : 59 par 32 pixels. I was so happy to come to America I didn’t even care who was crying I just wanted to come to my home! As soon as the taxi came then my uncle was sitting and listening to the news and he said, “Stop stop there’s been attack in America!! all airports will be closed”¬†closed.gif : 85 par 42 pixels.At the time I was only 10 and I was pissed but then after a few weeks again we got tickets and were ready to go again. I was so happy and going on the Airplane to the US!!teehee.gif : 33 par 31 pixels. So when we were finally I think in America we were going through the security were they check your bag and stuff, then as soon as I passed it started lighting and alarming like a fire went on!whaat.gif : 37 par 25 pixels. and my family were like¬†wtfsmiley.gif : 26 par 27 pixels.??

6 hours earlier….

Oooh yummy food!!eating.gif : 35 par 25 pixels. well the thing was that as soon as we sat in the airplane from Iran to America I took everything that they gave meshopping.gif : 49 par 28 pixels.… like the forks, spoon, knife, and well …the pillow and the blanket, tooth-brush, toothpaste, the headphones, and everything I saw, and the foods. I was going to take the seats but it just didn’t work out! hahah….

So when I was passing through the security¬†cavitysearch.gif : 104 par 67 pixels. It started alarming the this camera guy came I guess they though I was a terrorist or something¬†terrorist.gif : 26 par 21 pixels. then they opened my bag and¬†checked¬†my pockets and realized it’s just a little stupid kid who has never seen anythingspeechless.gif : 22 par 24 pixels. (been living under a rock) embarrassed.gif : 19 par 18 pixels.I had some cookies and biscuitsbullarsmile.gif : 60 par 27 pixels. in my pocketbustedsmile.gif : 94 par 62 pixels..they let me take the spoon, tooth-brush and some of the other stuffThey didn’t give me my pillow and my blanketcrybaby.gif : 46 par 35 pixels.Since they saw that I was a little kid and that nothing had¬†happened¬†the camera guy left and thank god there was nothing in the TV¬†anonymous.gif : 48 par 18 pixels..

Good¬†time flies, like¬†the good ol days. well it wasn’t that good… but I learned to never take everything, but¬†I always¬†take the earphones!winking.gif : 19 par 18 pixels.teehee2.gif : 33 par 31 pixels.

Big as a Football Team

Have you ever been in a situation where you didn’t want to mention how big your family was? maybe not, cause here in America families are mostly 3 or 4. For me it was hard!

When I started school here people asked me “so how many people do you have ¬†in your family?”dunnosmiley.gif : 42 par 18 pixels. and at fist I was smart I was like “I don’t understand¬†English¬†sorry.”hahah… but when I did say I was like “yea you know, I have a brother and an older sister and like one little sister, so as we started to talk I accidentally talked about my other two sisters that I didn’t mention, then they were like “hey you didn’t say you have two other sisters”… me:¬†“well you didn’t ask about them! go away now! shoo” haha the good old days.

and when we went to the mall, me and my sister would walk all the on the other side, just to prove were not 8 people here. we were like “nope were not with them! don’t even think about it”octoberfest1.gif : 76 par 43 pixels. Whoever hears that were 8¬†they’re like “WOW God has really blessed your family! I would say in my mind (God thank you so much for all the blessing, ¬†but can’t you just bless with money instead of babies?! just sayn’

Almost got a football team here!!hoppisar1.gif : 140 par 36 pixels.But hey now I see it wasn’t ¬†so bad, except the times when you wanted to fly to somewhere,flyinsmile.gif : 41 par 60 pixels. we’d take the whole row and¬†everybody’s¬†wondering “how did that row all become friends all the sudden?”I guess its the blessing of Godangelic.gif : 39 par 31 pixels.

12 days of driving…& got my 1st Ticket

Just two weeks of driving and I got my first ticketcuckoo.gif : 29 par 18 pixels.aaahhh God!I’m so mad at myself! wanna know what¬†happened? well let me fill you inhasmiley.gif : 22 par 36 pixels.So you know where the lanes merge? so I was already on the left lane and I was going and then this freakn car had to yield to mestopsign.gif : 30 par 44 pixels. but didn’t and I was also going so then I had to go to the other lane which is the on-coming traffic lane to avoid the collision, So then I was coming back to the right lane, and the freakn car wasn’t moving either! so we kinda got in an accidentFinally I¬†speed-ed¬†and moved in front of the car and I was coming to the side of the road to see what had¬†happened, then the guy came right in front me crossing on the No Passing Zone. They stopped first and the guy had his hand out and telling me stop and I was already Parked. The female and the male both came out swearing their head off!!swear2.gif : 25 par 35 pixels. and I just sat in my car looking at them I swear to god they said the worst the worst words you could ever tell a womansigh.gif : 21 par 28 pixels.So I called the Police and he came and told me to explain what had happened flabbergasted.gif : 22 par 24 pixels.and I just couldn’t move I was just to scared nowI was thinking to myself what will happen now? I’m a Muslim! would he like take me to jail or something?cellsmiley.gif : 27 par 27 pixels. but it seemed that I was wrong and the cop was actually a nice man. So as I started to talk then the guy started¬†interrupting me¬†and then the cop told him to shut up pfft1.gif : 33 par 17 pixels.because he wasn’t even driving and it was his wife The cop checked both cars and he said he doesn’t even see a scratch and because no one got hurt he didn’t write a police report, he just gave me a ticket that says, “Disobedience No¬†Passing Zone”puzzledsmile.gif : 18 par 21 pixels. and he told me appear in court!!!!judgesmiley.gif : 70 par 55 first I didn’t even ¬†know it was a ticket, he just said, “here’s this and come to court”

The bad thing was that I didn’t say anything, I just couldn’t explain anything¬† and the freakn guy and the woman were standing there and I…I guess I was kinda scared to say somethingThe next day at work I told Michael and she told me that I have¬†received¬†a ticket! wtfsmiley.gif : 26 par 27 pixels.and that the judge has to decide how much fine I have to paymoney1.gif : 28 par 32 pixels.. So yesterday I met with a lawyer.It was freemoney2.gif : 28 par 32 pixels. for 20 minwinking.gif : 19 par 18 pixels.. He told me I’ll get supervision or if the cop and that stupid guy don’t come to court, they might drop the ticket and let me go free¬†xspace_sunny.gif : 34 par 31 pixels. I hope that happens!¬† He also said that since I’m 19 years old, if I get supervision it’s going to cost about $140.00-150.00 and that means if I get another ticket in 24 month I will lose my driver’s license So I just have to wait and see what happens. I’m just scared if I go to the court that they’ll be like ah she’s Muslimterrorist.gif : 26 par 21 pixels. and just don’t give me a chance to say my side of the story. ¬†I hope they don’t judge me by my scarf, but by what I have done¬†approvedsmile.gif : 173 par 52 pixels.I haven’t told my parents yet I mean I told my mom ūüôā but I just hope nothing happens. I hope they just give me a warning or something and drop the ticket. I can’t believe it! I just turned 19 and just got my License and I have to face all these crap! Only 19 and I have already messed up my record:(

In the court I will say that they also crossed the No Passing Zone, they can even check the¬†surveillance¬†camera. you know what I found out on my ticket?? on the ticket there is place for witnesses who saw what had¬†happened, and the guy put his name as the witness, meaning that he saw me cross and that I get a ticket and he doesn’t!!

I will also state that they started swearing at me for exactly 3 minutes ūüėź GOD HELP ME!!

Hope everything works out fine beersmiley1.gif : 67 par 49 pixels.