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Big as a Football Team

Have you ever been in a situation where you didn’t want to mention how big your family was? maybe not, cause here in America families are mostly 3 or 4. For me it was hard!

When I started school here people asked me “so how many people do you have  in your family?”dunnosmiley.gif : 42 par 18 pixels. and at fist I was smart I was like “I don’t understand English sorry.”hahah… but when I did say I was like “yea you know, I have a brother and an older sister and like one little sister, so as we started to talk I accidentally talked about my other two sisters that I didn’t mention, then they were like “hey you didn’t say you have two other sisters”… me: “well you didn’t ask about them! go away now! shoo” haha the good old days.

and when we went to the mall, me and my sister would walk all the on the other side, just to prove were not 8 people here. we were like “nope were not with them! don’t even think about it”octoberfest1.gif : 76 par 43 pixels. Whoever hears that were 8 they’re like “WOW God has really blessed your family! I would say in my mind (God thank you so much for all the blessing,  but can’t you just bless with money instead of babies?! just sayn’

Almost got a football team here!!hoppisar1.gif : 140 par 36 pixels.But hey now I see it wasn’t  so bad, except the times when you wanted to fly to somewhere,flyinsmile.gif : 41 par 60 pixels. we’d take the whole row and everybody’s wondering “how did that row all become friends all the sudden?”I guess its the blessing of Godangelic.gif : 39 par 31 pixels.


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