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First time in the “Big City”?

As I said before I was born here in NY, US but when I was only a year old we moved to Iran. So then when I turned 10 years old we came to America again.yay.gif : 36 par 36 pixels. The trip to America was fun, interesting, and experimental to mepanicsmiley2.gif : 45 par 28 pixels..  So the crazy thing was that we actually had our tickets for September 11, 2001 at night.  As we were getting ready to say our goodbyes and my cousins were all crying and telling me goodbyedontgosmiley.gif : 59 par 32 pixels. I was so happy to come to America I didn’t even care who was crying I just wanted to come to my home! As soon as the taxi came then my uncle was sitting and listening to the news and he said, “Stop stop there’s been attack in America!! all airports will be closed” closed.gif : 85 par 42 pixels.At the time I was only 10 and I was pissed but then after a few weeks again we got tickets and were ready to go again. I was so happy and going on the Airplane to the US!!teehee.gif : 33 par 31 pixels. So when we were finally I think in America we were going through the security were they check your bag and stuff, then as soon as I passed it started lighting and alarming like a fire went on!whaat.gif : 37 par 25 pixels. and my family were like wtfsmiley.gif : 26 par 27 pixels.??

6 hours earlier….

Oooh yummy food!!eating.gif : 35 par 25 pixels. well the thing was that as soon as we sat in the airplane from Iran to America I took everything that they gave meshopping.gif : 49 par 28 pixels.… like the forks, spoon, knife, and well …the pillow and the blanket, tooth-brush, toothpaste, the headphones, and everything I saw, and the foods. I was going to take the seats but it just didn’t work out! hahah….

So when I was passing through the security cavitysearch.gif : 104 par 67 pixels. It started alarming the this camera guy came I guess they though I was a terrorist or something terrorist.gif : 26 par 21 pixels. then they opened my bag and checked my pockets and realized it’s just a little stupid kid who has never seen anythingspeechless.gif : 22 par 24 pixels. (been living under a rock) embarrassed.gif : 19 par 18 pixels.I had some cookies and biscuitsbullarsmile.gif : 60 par 27 pixels. in my pocketbustedsmile.gif : 94 par 62 pixels..they let me take the spoon, tooth-brush and some of the other stuffThey didn’t give me my pillow and my blanketcrybaby.gif : 46 par 35 pixels.Since they saw that I was a little kid and that nothing had happened the camera guy left and thank god there was nothing in the TV anonymous.gif : 48 par 18 pixels..

Good time flies, like the good ol days. well it wasn’t that good… but I learned to never take everything, but I always take the earphones!winking.gif : 19 par 18 pixels.teehee2.gif : 33 par 31 pixels.


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  1. Elena Ryan ⋅

    lol nice blog

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