Andrew Grove

I want to be like Andrew Grove.

“Your career is your business, and you are its CEO”



It’s almost been a month and I still haven’t sent my manager a Thank You note. Man, I’m such a bad intern. I really like them both. My supervisor and Manager, but I just didn’t really know how to send it, and what to write, and is what if they don’t like the card 😐

I think I should stop thinking, and start doing something. Spring semester is almost ending. only one more Philosophy class, then were done! I’m so going to miss my professor.. I love him, he’s such a great man. I wish him the best in life.

Human Resource class is also interesting. I’m learning a lot. I can’t wait to get my degree and start working.I don’t know what’s about me that when ever it’s time to pick partners, no body wants to work with me. I mean yea I know I’m different but come on, it aint like I’m gonna kill someone. Stupid people. No that’s mean to say. whatever. I hope everything ends.

Peace –

why do we even say peace, when there is no peace in any where in the world!

Osama’s DEAD!!!

Thank GOD!!!!!!!!

Thanks to our troops! thanks to America and a special thanks to Mr. President Obama! I love u !! and loved u even more when you said u r not in war with Islam ! I love mr.Obama and America!