It’s almost been a month and I still haven’t sent my manager a Thank You note. Man, I’m such a bad intern. I really like them both. My supervisor and Manager, but I just didn’t really know how to send it, and what to write, and is what if they don’t like the card ūüėź

I think I should stop thinking, and start doing something. Spring semester is almost ending. only one more Philosophy class, then were done! I’m so going to miss my¬†professor.. I love him, he’s such a great man. I wish him the best in life.

Human Resource class is also¬†interesting. I’m learning a lot. I can’t wait to get my degree and start working.I don’t know what’s about me that when ever it’s time to pick partners, no body wants to work with me. I mean yea I know I’m¬†different but come on, it aint like I’m gonna kill someone. Stupid people. No that’s mean to say. whatever. I hope everything ends.

Peace –

why do we even say peace, when there is no peace in any where in the world!


:) :D :(

Passed MGT 111 only 5 more to go :D!

Philosophy’s almost ending ūüė¶

First day of HR class is tomorrow, can’t wait! ūüôā

Hectic Week…

So Monday I went to the court for my ticket, and God bless the judge he said I’m FREE!!!!approvedsmile.gif : 173 par 52 pixels.

I was so nervous!! I though I’m gonna die.whew.gif : 38 par 29 pixels.

the judge came in and the police officer said everyone be quiet¬†the judge has arrived, and please stop reading anything your reading, then she looked at me… hasmiley.gif : 22 par 36 pixels. well I guess I was the only one reading my textbook like a moronnerdylaff.gif : 23 par 29 pixels. bokmal.gif : 73 par 30 pixels.but hey I had a mid-term! and I think I failed it.heartbreaking.gif : 41 par 20 pixels.The thing is that my Philosophy¬†professor¬†is so cool, nice, funny, and just about everything!! he’s awesome! Love u Dr.W!!rose.gif : 36 par 37 pixels. but i really suck at his class. I mean we took the mid-term on Tuesday and i can confidently say I have failed itlosersmiley.gif : 43 par 28 pixels.He even said you can use my note on the test!!! and I did but I think I used a bit too much¬†copyright2.gif : 50 par 18 pixels..hemademe.gif : 46 par 38 pixels.GOD I’m so stupid!!einstein1.gif : 46 par 61 pixels.Then today (wed) I was paying for my classes and man it’s so hard to pay for your own classes!!¬†money1.gif : 28 par 32 pixels. I have sold anything I had, my jewelry’s and¬†almost all the pay checks that I got from work I have paid them for my classes.¬†¬†Now I have to pay for the Summer classes and the Fall classes!

My internship is ending too, so I have to find a job. I have applied to everyplace I can think, but I think no one really like me¬†nopoints.gif : 75 par 41 pixels.oh well F*** the world…electricf.gif : 63 par 28 pixels.

And now today I have my Business class, and I love it! the Professor is so funny and nice, just like the Philosophy professor. goldstar.gif : 33 par 49 pixels.one thing I found common in both was that both of their wives names are: Peggy !!teehee2.gif : 33 par 31 pixels.

So here’s my schedule for tomorrow:

Thursdays the worst and the BEST days of the week

Here’s how it goes:

twister2.gif : 80 par 53 pixels.

Leave at 8:15

mcsmiley4.gif : 69 par 39 pixels.(I wish I had a motorcycle)

Work Starts at 9:00 AM

Ends at 2:30PM

officesmiley.gif : 60 par 56 pixels.

Philosophy Starts at 3:00

Ends at 5:00

reading.gif : 48 par 26 pixels.

Intro to Business Starts at 6:00

Ends at 10:00

Home by 10:30-45

Eat! (haven’t had anything since morning)

eating.gif : 35 par 25 pixels.drooler.gif : 19 par 32 pixels.


putertired.gif : 43 par 24 pixels.


offtobed.gif : 50 par 32 pixels.

It’s really hard to keep up…but I have to say through the whole week I’m always looking forward to¬†Thursdays!

Just got a week left of this job then I gotta find another one, God help me!!lotussmiley.gif : 65 par 50 pixels.goodluck.gif : 52 par 43 pixels.