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Hectic Week…

So Monday I went to the court for my ticket, and God bless the judge he said I’m FREE!!!!approvedsmile.gif : 173 par 52 pixels.

I was so nervous!! I though I’m gonna die.whew.gif : 38 par 29 pixels.

the judge came in and the police officer said everyone be quiet the judge has arrived, and please stop reading anything your reading, then she looked at me… hasmiley.gif : 22 par 36 pixels. well I guess I was the only one reading my textbook like a moronnerdylaff.gif : 23 par 29 pixels. bokmal.gif : 73 par 30 pixels.but hey I had a mid-term! and I think I failed it.heartbreaking.gif : 41 par 20 pixels.The thing is that my Philosophy professor is so cool, nice, funny, and just about everything!! he’s awesome! Love u Dr.W!!rose.gif : 36 par 37 pixels. but i really suck at his class. I mean we took the mid-term on Tuesday and i can confidently say I have failed itlosersmiley.gif : 43 par 28 pixels.He even said you can use my note on the test!!! and I did but I think I used a bit too much copyright2.gif : 50 par 18 pixels..hemademe.gif : 46 par 38 pixels.GOD I’m so stupid!!einstein1.gif : 46 par 61 pixels.Then today (wed) I was paying for my classes and man it’s so hard to pay for your own classes!! money1.gif : 28 par 32 pixels. I have sold anything I had, my jewelry’s and almost all the pay checks that I got from work I have paid them for my classes.  Now I have to pay for the Summer classes and the Fall classes!

My internship is ending too, so I have to find a job. I have applied to everyplace I can think, but I think no one really like me nopoints.gif : 75 par 41 pixels.oh well F*** the world…electricf.gif : 63 par 28 pixels.

And now today I have my Business class, and I love it! the Professor is so funny and nice, just like the Philosophy professor. goldstar.gif : 33 par 49 thing I found common in both was that both of their wives names are: Peggy !!teehee2.gif : 33 par 31 pixels.

So here’s my schedule for tomorrow:

Thursdays the worst and the BEST days of the week

Here’s how it goes:

twister2.gif : 80 par 53 pixels.

Leave at 8:15

mcsmiley4.gif : 69 par 39 pixels.(I wish I had a motorcycle)

Work Starts at 9:00 AM

Ends at 2:30PM

officesmiley.gif : 60 par 56 pixels.

Philosophy Starts at 3:00

Ends at 5:00

reading.gif : 48 par 26 pixels.

Intro to Business Starts at 6:00

Ends at 10:00

Home by 10:30-45

Eat! (haven’t had anything since morning)

eating.gif : 35 par 25 pixels.drooler.gif : 19 par 32 pixels.


putertired.gif : 43 par 24 pixels.


offtobed.gif : 50 par 32 pixels.

It’s really hard to keep up…but I have to say through the whole week I’m always looking forward to Thursdays!

Just got a week left of this job then I gotta find another one, God help me!!lotussmiley.gif : 65 par 50 pixels.goodluck.gif : 52 par 43 pixels.


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