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Wanna Know Me?

American-Persian-Pakistani is a blog I’ve wanted to make for a long time.

A little background on me before I start in:

I’m an undergrad student at Harper College in Chicago. I’m originally from Mars. haha no just kidding’ 😛 I was born here in the US in New York. I come from two different back grounds. My mama’s from Persia and my father is from Pakistan. anyways, enough about them! this is about me 😀 hehe

I have the most hectic life! I have class from morning to night and work, hmm I think its kinda like every other college student, but for me it’s all so NEW and I’m lovin’ it! I love college way better than high school! High school sucked! My high school years were crazzzzzzy! Freshman year I went to Iran, then sophomore I came here to Chicago, then went back there for Junior, I was trying to be smart to finish high school fast but all those dreams went down the drain 😐 It worked so bad that I’m still taking GED classes to pass my freakn high school at the same time taking my college courses which are hard as hell, because I was a former ESL student (meaning English is not my first language hmm neither my second :D) Not a good combination!!

My life has always been the worst combination. Being a GED/ESL/College Student and American/Persian/Pakistani is just a hard thing to live as or be or what ever you call it. But at the end there are always good things about it too 😉 Like being from three countries is good because than you can make fun of them three without getting in trouble! hahah

my motivation for blogging was just….I don’t know. I guess I like to talk about my life and let others know how it is to live as a Muslim girl and being from 3 countries and being a GED/College student, I love it when people leave comments it makes me want to write more. y’all might think who the hell cares how a Muslim girls lives! but I’m sure there is at least one person who might read my blog and like it…. right?! hmm…I hope 😀

My posts would be more about my everyday life, and my memories from Iran and funny stories about the mistakes that I have made because of my stupid English, like the time I want to the boys bathroom! hahaha i still crack up about that time. aah the good old days.

As I said earlier I love getting comments and those kinda things that y’all do like tweeting and freebooking, is that what you call it? facebooking hahah, share on Facebook. ooh never mind I don’t even have a Facebook or twitter hahah. I love to laugh, you know, they use to call me Smiley in school 🙂 cause I always smiled. (didn’t have anything with laughing) hahaha

My comment policy: Comment nicely and Please respect each other, I’m sure we wont have any problems though cause I’m sure I wont have too many visitors, but be nice to each other don’t scare off each other here this is my blog y’all have to visit it!

alright I really have to go to sleep now, its 1:26AM!!!!



I forgot to say, Rate Comment Subscribe and all those kinda stuff 😉 looking forward to reading at least one comment 😀 hahha


2 responses to “Wanna Know Me?

  1. Kerrie ⋅

    Cheers for the comments. Sounds like you have had a really interesting upbring. Am looking forward to reading more of your blog and hearing about American college life…

    Yeah I loved Thai food when I lived there. I’m in Vietnam now and much as I love Vietnamese food (the spring rolls here taste every bit as amazing as they look), nothing beats Thai style grilled catfish, papaya salad and sticky rice…

  2. Mrs. Fafa

    lol love ur new blog =) ur hilarious mese hamishe =)

    ❤ u

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